Discover the best of local breweries every Friday with The Local Taphouse's Brewery of the Month!

Every month, a different local brewery will be taking over our taps to bring you the best of their brews, fresh from the keg. Join us from 5pm every Friday this December as we tap into the following Spring & Fern brews:


Tasman Reserve

7 December

Golden yellow

Citrus and passionfruit flavour with a smooth, stunning hoppy finish


6.5% ABV 


Dry Hopped Pilsner 

 14 December

Pale gold

German and Australian hops give a bold citrus and passionfruit taste with a true crisp pilsner finish


4.9% ABV

Plus, Meet the Brewers from 5 pm!


Soiree Rauchbier 

 21 December

Deep amber

Bamberg beechwood smoked malt gives smoky characteristics and sweet toasted notes


5.6% ABV


28 December

Deep red

Fresh New Zealand hops give bold citrus and tropical notes combined with biscuit, toasted caramel and malt

6.0% ABV