Discover the best of local breweries every Friday with The Local Taphouse's Brewery of the Month!

Every month, a different local brewery will be taking over our taps to bring you the best of their brews, fresh from the keg. Join us from 5pm every Friday this November as we tap into the following ParrotDog brews:



9 November

Rich copper colour

Big tropical hop flavour from local varieties with strong bitterness from an English hop to honour its origins, all balanced by plenty of malt.


5.8% ABV 

Falcon APA 

16 November

Golden yellow

Modern US hop flavours of citrus and tropical fruit soar on a light and nimble body.


5.4% ABV



Rifleman XPA

23 November

Pale golden yellow

Lean, pale body positively hums with tropical and stone fruit hop notes.


4.5% ABV 

Colin West Coast IPA

30 November

Golden yellow

Fresh New Zealand ale and German light crystal malt lay a lean, yet firm backbone for a huge hit of citrus and tropical fruit characters.

7% ABV