Discover the best of local breweries every Friday with The Local Taphouse's Brewery of the Month! Every month, a different local brewery will be taking over our taps to bring you the best of their brews, fresh from the keg.

This August, we will be tapping the following Fortune Favours beers: 

Friday 2 August
The Speedster XPA 4.5% ABV

Let me get you up to speed. This XPA is a bright golden ale with a smooth, mellow and assertively fruity flavour. Malt nuttiness, melon, tropical and stone fruit compete in a race over the tongue, but the drinker is the winner at the finish. Keep an eye on that glass as this easy drinker will disappear over the horizon fast!

Friday 9 August
The Sunchaser Cider 4.7% ABV

We’ve taken New Zealand Pacific Rose, Fuji and Royal Gala apples, crushed and fermented them, and then added the juicy sweetness and acidity of blueberries for a balanced cider with crisp flavour and a medium finish.

Friday 16 August
The Oregonian Amber 5.9% ABV

Our tribute to the pioneering craft brewers in the Pacific North West, The Oregonian is an All-American Amber. Pine and citrus aromas and flavours meld with the malt base to deliver a tasty, balanced and highly drinkable beer.

Friday 23 August
The Purist Lager 4.5% ABV

This simple lager is the sort of beer that brewers worry about the most. Such subtle and delicate flavours leave no room for even small mistakes or issues with the brewing process. Any problems become immediately obvious without masses of hop or malt character to cover them up.

Friday 30 August
The Wellingtonian 6.0% ABV

Meet the Brewer: Fortune Favours brewers will be onsite on Friday 30 August from 5pm, so you can talk hops, aromas, bodies, fermentation, mouthfeel and conditioning all night long!