Discover the best of local breweries every Friday with The Local Taphouse's Brewery of the Month!

Every month, a different local brewery will be taking over our taps to bring you the best of their brews, fresh from the keg. Join us from 5pm every Friday this February as we tap into the following Brewaucracy brews:



1 February

Lustrous orange, off-white head


Solid bready malt underpins classic US West Coast hop notes of citrus and pine. All about balance and drinkability, but with enough hop hit to satisfy the hop lover

5.5% ABV 


15 February

Orange with an off-white head


Bitter, resinous, grapefruit pith over a clean but cracker-like malt base

 6.6% ABV



15 February

Cloudy, straw coloured, creamy white head


Light notes of banana, along with a spicy, clove-like character and hints of bubblegum! The lemony acidity of the wheat also makes itself known, making the beer zingy, light bodied, and very refreshing

4.4% ABV 


22 February

Come on down, find out what’s on tap, learn more about the brewer’s choice of beer and meet the Brewaucracy brewers from 5pm!