Premier Points are valid for 6 months from the date of accrual. Premier Points not redeemed within 6 months from accrual will expire.

You can redeem your Premier Points for an exciting range of rewards right across SKYCITY. Every 100 Premier Points = $1 in value.

Turn points into play
You can instantly convert your Premier Points and/or Premier Bonus Dollars into credits directly at your Gaming Machine via our interactive touch screen*. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please refer to our ‘Points into Play’ user guide. At the end of the gaming session, or when your card is removed from the machine, the value of any unused credits will be added to your Premier Bonus Dollars balance.

Bonus Play Chips
You can use your Premier Points and/or Premier Bonus Dollars to redeem Bonus Play Chips*. To redeem, simply visit the Cashier. You’ll get $1 of Bonus Play Chips for every 100 Premier Points.

Members can use Bonus Play Chips on Table Games at SKYCITY Casino Hamilton, excluding Rapid Roulette and Poker.

Bars and restaurants
You can also choose to redeem your Premier Points for food and beverages at selected SKYCITY Hamilton bars and restaurants or, if you prefer, you can use a combination of Premier Points and money. Just hand your Premier Rewards card to the Cashier when you pay.

Premier Rewards Ruby and Sapphire members are entitled to FREE parking when they earn 25 Premier Points from Gaming Machine Play or 10 Premier Points from Table Game Play in one day** (1 entry and 1 exit)

Premier Rewards Gold members and above enjoy FREE parking at SKYCITY Hamilton. Please note that all carparking benefits are subject to change and availability.

For more information on redeeming Premier Points, visit the Premier Rewards Station on-site.